Li-Ning WOODS N-90 Racquet

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This is the LI-NING (Li Ning) company for the design of China's national badminton teams of professional racket, lindane in 2009 in the Sudirman Cup badminton mixed team event is the use of this racket.

1, more carbon fiber-reinforced composite systems: the use of multi-layer carbon yarn, into the hand skills to produce enhanced performance, quality of the racket outstanding. According to carbon tenacity yarn of different angles the extent of differences in response to stress points of the racket to carry out multi-angle carbon yarn reinforcement, and even a partial multi-layer reinforcement, significantly enhance the overall strength of the racket and the degree of resistance to fight. Refined by the pure hand-made to replace the automatic rolling machine, reducing the frame bent when the stress concentration points and the folds of carbon yarn.

2, high density composite damping system: high-tech light damping materials, filled frame to enhance hit feel, reduce sports injuries. Beat box fill in the density of high-damping composite material, by the Institute of Science and Technology R & D, shock-absorbing ability, and to reduce wrist and arm when hitting the load at the same time provide a very good handle and effectively reduce injuries. This high-tech materials, very light weight, does not increase the burden of swing.

3, ultra-fine control of high-intensity Bionic: combining cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, the measured data with the players, and adjustments to achieve the best performance in the tube. Biomimetic research results, ergonomic principles, the top professional players playing test basis points to create curved front of the racket in the pipe. Low air resistance, high elasticity, high strength, smash significantly improved, especially the quality of kill points.

4, superconducting nano-technology: a more stable, more delicate and more resilient racket is more powerful players seeking to ensure that the crackdown. "Li Ning" original TB Nano materials science and engineering technology to make it possible. To promote the technology to nano-scale science and technology, to make a racket in the carbon fiber and resin combination of the level of breakthrough in the past, seamless. A birth to the ideal racket at the same time cracking down 20 percent rise.

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